Building Specifications

Midtown Central Square has some excellent features that make it the best place to do business. Learn more below.

Building Size

  • 14 story “Class A” office building.
  • 280,000 sq. ft. Rentable Office Space
  • 20,000 sq. ft. Rentable Retail Space

Codes & Standards

  • 2006 International Building Code with City of Houston Amendments
  • Energy Star design certified
  • Texas Accessibility Standards
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Concrete perimeter spread footings and core mat. Steel frame and concrete slabs. Façade features glass, painted aluminum mullions, brick and cast stone.

Building Height

  • Basement: Floor to Floor: 14’ 0” – Ceiling: Exposed Structure
  • Level 1: Floor to Floor:12’ – Ceiling: 10’ 6”
  • Level 2–11: Floor to Floor: 10’ 4”- Ceiling: Exposed Structure
  • Level 12: Floor to Floor: 12’ 2” – Ceiling: Exposed Structure
  • Level 13: Floor to Floor: 13’ 6” – Ceiling: Exposed Structure
  • Level 14: Floor to Floor: 14’ 0” – Ceiling: exposed Structure


  • Office building features five ThyssenKrupp 3,500 lb. capacity elevators, 700 fpm speed. Stone floors with custom back painted panels and stainless steel trim.  Two-way intercom in each cab.
  • Garage features two ThyssenKrupp 3,500 lb. capacity elevators 350 fpm speed, with stone floors, suspended stainless steel panels and recessed incandescent down lights. Two-way intercom in each cab.

Lobby & Corridors

Ground Floor Lobbies feature mud set stone base with dimensional stone veneer walls. Painted gypsum board ceilings with edge wood panels and pendant fixtures are complete with recessed LED lights and perimeter floor lights. Revolving doors feature stainless steel frames and elevators feature stone clad frames.

Tenant Elevator Lobbies feature stone floors, dimensional stone veneer walls with back painted glass and/or wood panels. Painted gypsum board ceilings with recessed linear LED stone floors, Carrera marble walls, down lights . Elevator doors showcase stainless steel framed in stone.

Tenant Corridors framed in glass feature, carpet tile floors and 8ft. tall, white acoustical exposed ceilings and low profile LED light fixtures.

Office Areas feature ready-to-cover concrete floors and exposed steel structureswith high exposed ceilings varying from 10'4" too 14' depending on the floor level.


This building is equipped with Daikin air-handling units with a variable air volume and VFD control. Medium pressure rectangular galvanized steel ductwork with foil faced insulation. A dedicated outdoor air unit is on each floor of the office tower to cool the buildings air. DCV systems measure and control the amount of fresh air brought into the building. All connected to a state-of-the-art digital control system designed to conserve 20% more energy that traditional HVAC systems

Live Loads

  • Roof – 20 PSF
  • Office Space – 50 PSF
  • (Superimposed partition live load) – 20 PS
  • Permanent Corridors – 100 PSF
  • Lobby and Assembly Areas – 100 PSF
  • Mechanical Space – 125 PSF


Porcelain tile on floors and walls with wall mounted toilets and stainless steel partitions. Solid white granite countertops cradle state-of-the-art Dyson faucet and dryer combo units with stainless steel accessories and backlit mirrors to adorn the walls.

Concierge & Security

Onsite security personnel 24 hours a day along with perimeter access control system with closed circuit TV select point monitoring.

Fire Safety

Fully sprinkled building with fireproofing insulation and extinguishers at every stair door.


Building design control solar glare helping save on heat and electrical costs. Efficient lighting ensures a low lighting power density throughout the building. Lighting controls further reduce lighting energy use. Landscape areas designed to create habitats for native flora and fauna. Selected plumbing fixtures save water while efficient lighting and control systems save on excess energy costs.


- Management on-site

- Maintenance on-site

- Complimentary Valet

- On-Site Dining Options:

  • Bonchon Chicken- Korean Asian fusion, located on 1st floor.
  • Good Times Café- European cuisine, located on 1st floor.

- Onsite Wellness options

  • Masseuses and Estheticians
  • Full service hair salon
  • Barbershop

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